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... Proudly Presents Its Catalogue Of Folkmanis ® Puppets!!!!!!


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2 -- Alien, Mini Bee Finger Puppet, Tan Bear, Black Bear, Baby Black Bear, Ant, Baby Raccoon Raccoon!

3 -- Butterfly, Two-Handed Bear, Little Bear, Wooly Bear Caterpillar!

4 -- Mini Bat Finger Puppet, Snowy Owl, Coyote, Timber Wolf!

5 -- Eagle, Small Eagle, Mini Mosquito Finger Puppet, Grizzly Bear Cub, Moose!

6 -- Mini Squirrel In Tree Finger Puppet, Chipmunk, Fox, Ferret!

7 -- Fawn, Mini Buckeye Butterfly Finger Puppet, Quail, Raven!

8 -- Mini Monarch Butterfly Finger Puppet, Tarantula, Bison, Rattlesnake!

9 -- Mini Dragonfly Finger Puppet, Bobcat, Lizard, Armadillo!

10 -- Zipper Crocodile, Opossum, Mini Alligator Finger Puppet, Alligator!

11 -- Koala, Grasshopper, Platypus, Kangaroo!

12 -- Mini Spider Finger Puppet, Lion, Camel, Snake, Lion Cub!

13 -- Giraffe, Gorilla, Spider, Large Elephant!

14 -- Mini Butterfly Finger Puppet, Gibbon, Llama, Sloth, Firefly!

15 -- Mini Luna Moth Finger Puppet, Chimpanzee, Chameleon, Monkey!

16 -- Bullfrog, Reversible Tadpole / Frog, Frog, Mini Turtle Finger Puppet, Baby Turtle, Turtle!

17 -- Mini Frog Finger Puppet, Spotted Frog, Tortoise, Toad!

18 -- Blue Fish, Goldfish, Mini Jellyfish Finger Puppet, Mini Octopus Finger Puppet, Humpback Whale!

19 -- Dolphin, Shark, Octopus, Whale!

20 -- Scallop, Hermit Crab, Mini Hermit Crab Finger Puppet, Dungeness Crab, Stingray!

21 -- Emperor Penguin, Baby Emperor Penguin, Sea Lion, Crab, Sea Otter!

22 -- Reversible Caterpillar / Butterfly, Snail, Cockroach, Mosquito!

23 -- Mini Praying Mantis Finger Puppet, Praying Mantis, Venus Fly Trap, Mini Snail Finger Puppet, Caterpillar!

24 -- Mini Housefly Finger Puppet, Scruffy Dog, Small Dog, Sitting Dog, St. Bernard!

25 -- Black Kitten, Sheepdog, Black And White Kitten, Bulldog!

26 -- Peacock, Red Hen, Hatching Chick Finger Puppet, Ducks In Basket, Mallard Duckling!

27 -- Bluebird, Bluebirds In Nest, Worm In Apple Finger Puppet, Robin, Robins In Nest!

28 -- Mini Ladybug Finger Puppet, Wolf, Baby Lop-Eared Rabbit, Cottontail Rabbit, Bunny Rabbit!

29 -- Ladybug, Horse, Cow, Pig, Lamb!

30 -- Bee, White Mouse, Hedgehog, Mouse, Rat!

31 -- Guinea Pig, Mice In Box, Hamster, Mini Brown Mouse Finger Puppet, Mini White Mouse Finger Puppet!

32 -- Bat, Rabbit In Hat, Dragon, Baby Dragon, Witch, Mini Witch, Vampire!

33 -- Alien In Spaceship, Pteranodon, Velociraptor, Small Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dinosaur Egg!

34 -- Golfer, Girl Puppet, Boy Puppet, Wizard, Firefighter, Elf!

35 -- Finger Puppet Counter Bin, Puppet Display Counter Rack, Puppet Display Floor Rack, Finger Puppet Counter Rack!

36 -- Back Cover - Rain Forest Play Set, Sea Life Play Set!

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