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Mini Praying Mantis Finger Puppet, 7" Long, T2610

Praying Mantis, 17" Long, T2143

Venus Fly Trap, 13" Tall, T2196 (3" Fly Finger Puppet Included)

Mini Snail Finger Puppet, 5" Long, T2158 (Pulls Into Shell)

Caterpillar, 18" Long, T2200


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1 -- Cover Page Of Catalogue And Beginning Of The Puppets On The Pier Website!

2 -- Alien, Mini Bee Finger Puppet, Tan Bear, Black Bear, Baby Black Bear, Ant, Baby Raccoon Raccoon!

3 -- Butterfly, Two-Handed Bear, Little Bear, Wooly Bear Caterpillar!

4 -- Mini Bat Finger Puppet, Snowy Owl, Coyote, Timber Wolf!

5 -- Eagle, Small Eagle, Mini Mosquito Finger Puppet, Grizzly Bear Cub, Moose!

6 -- Mini Squirrel In Tree Finger Puppet, Chipmunk, Fox, Ferret!

7 -- Fawn, Mini Buckeye Butterfly Finger Puppet, Quail, Raven!

8 -- Mini Monarch Butterfly Finger Puppet, Tarantula, Bison, Rattlesnake!

9 -- Mini Dragonfly Finger Puppet, Bobcat, Lizard, Armadillo!

10 -- Zipper Crocodile, Opossum, Mini Alligator Finger Puppet, Alligator!

11 -- Koala, Grasshopper, Platypus, Kangaroo!

12 -- Mini Spider Finger Puppet, Lion, Camel, Snake, Lion Cub!

13 -- Giraffe, Gorilla, Spider, Large Elephant!

14 -- Mini Butterfly Finger Puppet, Gibbon, Llama, Sloth, Firefly!

15 -- Mini Luna Moth Finger Puppet, Chimpanzee, Chameleon, Monkey!

16 -- Bullfrog, Reversible Tadpole / Frog, Frog, Mini Turtle Finger Puppet, Baby Turtle, Turtle!

17 -- Mini Frog Finger Puppet, Spotted Frog, Tortoise, Toad!

18 -- Blue Fish, Goldfish, Mini Jellyfish Finger Puppet, Mini Octopus Finger Puppet, Humpback Whale!

19 -- Dolphin, Shark, Octopus, Whale!

20 -- Scallop, Hermit Crab, Mini Hermit Crab Finger Puppet, Dungeness Crab, Stingray!

21 -- Emperor Penguin, Baby Emperor Penguin, Sea Lion, Crab, Sea Otter!

22 -- Reversible Caterpillar / Butterfly, Snail, Cockroach, Mosquito!

23 -- Mini Praying Mantis Finger Puppet, Praying Mantis, Venus Fly Trap, Mini Snail Finger Puppet, Caterpillar! -- YOU ARE HERE!

24 -- Mini Housefly Finger Puppet, Scruffy Dog, Small Dog, Sitting Dog, St. Bernard!

25 -- Black Kitten, Sheepdog, Black And White Kitten, Bulldog!

26 -- Peacock, Red Hen, Hatching Chick Finger Puppet, Ducks In Basket, Mallard Duckling!

27 -- Bluebird, Bluebirds In Nest, Worm In Apple Finger Puppet, Robin, Robins In Nest!

28 -- Mini Ladybug Finger Puppet, Wolf, Baby Lop-Eared Rabbit, Cottontail Rabbit, Bunny Rabbit!

29 -- Ladybug, Horse, Cow, Pig, Lamb!

30 -- Bee, White Mouse, Hedgehog, Mouse, Rat!

31 -- Guinea Pig, Mice In Box, Hamster, Mini Brown Mouse Finger Puppet, Mini White Mouse Finger Puppet!

32 -- Bat, Rabbit In Hat, Dragon, Baby Dragon, Witch, Mini Witch, Vampire!

33 -- Alien In Spaceship, Pteranodon, Velociraptor, Small Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dinosaur Egg!

34 -- Golfer, Girl Puppet, Boy Puppet, Wizard, Firefighter, Elf!

35 -- Finger Puppet Counter Bin, Puppet Display Counter Rack, Puppet Display Floor Rack, Finger Puppet Counter Rack!

36 -- Back Cover - Rain Forest Play Set, Sea Life Play Set!

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